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Four-State Pale Ale

Our four-state region now has its own pale ale comprised of four malts. We use what elsewhere would be called “Chinook” hops. But the fine folks at Kansas Hop Company will tell you that the terrior here in Kansas has resulted in a sufficiently different taste. They call their crop “Kanook.” Piney like most Chinook hops, but with a hint of citrus. It’s a great hop…it makes a great Pale Ale!

$6 Imperial Pint / $8 Flight / $9 Crowlers / $22 Growlers ($12 Refills)
Belgian Wit

The German Reinheitsgebot dictates that German beer be made only using malt, hops, water and yeast...Well, the Belgians aren’t Germans. They use whatever they think will make good beer. Our Belgian Wit is made with bitter orange peel during the boil. Maybe the Belgians are onto something. It imparts just the right balance to this easy drinking beer.

$6 Imperial Pint / $8 Flight / $9 Crowlers / $22 Growlers ($12 Refills)
Straight A's IPA

Whether you are a student at Pitt State (of legal age, of course) or a “student of life,” when your mom calls and asks what you are up to, you don’t want to answer, “I’m out drinking beer with friends.” Our recommendation? Tell her the truth. Answer, “Actually, right now I’m working on Straight A’s!”

$6 Imperial Pint / $8 Flight / $9 Crowlers / $22 Growlers ($12 Refills)
Dry Irish Stout

Black as a moonless night, our Irish Stout is built around light, pale, Pilsner malt. Its darkness comes from a small proportion of Briess’ Bitterless Black Midnight Wheat malt - a little goes a long way. Not “heavy” in body, our Stout is nitrogenated for an extra silky smoothness. Give it a try!

$6 Imperial Pint / $8 Flight / $9 Crowlers / $22 Growlers ($12 Refills)
Premium Pils

Many pilsners are elegantly executed, simple beers. The malt backbone being comprised solely of pilsner malt. Here we’ve taken a mostly pilsner grain bill and added small doses of other grains to enhance head retention and round out the body. We’ve stuck with noble hops — Hallertau Mittelfruh — for a clean, crisp and gentle bittering balance. This beer takes longer to properly condition. We think you’ll agree it is worth the wait.

$6 Imperial Pint / $8 Flight / $9 Crowlers / $22 Growlers ($12 Refills)
Nightfall Dark Lager

At the end of a long day or an arduous journey, nightfall signals the start of a well-deserved respite - a period of rest and relaxation. Nightfall Dark Lager similarly beckons you to slow down, reflect, rest and relax. A smooth sipping beer to be enjoyed alone or amongst good company. Cheers!

$6 Imperial Pint / $8 Flight / $9 Crowlers / $22 Growlers ($12 Refills)
Rose Street Red Ale

An Irish Red Ale. Caramel malt and just a hint of roast rye give this beer a reddish-brown hue — not unlike the reddish-brown hue of the walls of our beautiful old building here on Rose Street. Lightly hopped and nitrogenated, our Rose Street Red makes for an excellent session beer.

$6 Imperial Pint / $8 Flight / $9 Crowlers / $22 Growlers ($12 Refills)
Maddi's Maddness

What happens when you let a mathematician loose in your brewhouse? A little madness…or perhaps magic? Maddi’s Madness is an American Dark Wheat. We don’t use a traditional hefeweizen yeast—instead a clean finishing American ale yeast. The hops? No German ‘noble’ hops; rather pure American Cascade hops—grown right here in Kansas. Madness or Magic? You be the judge.

$6 Imperial Pint / $8 Flight / $9 Crowlers / $22 Growlers ($12 Refills)

In the Fermenting Tanks

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