Fresh tomatoes, house-marinated in balsamic vinegar, diced and served atop freshly toasted garlic bread. A perfect starter, accompaniment, or light entrée.
Garlic Knots
Savory knotted dough drizzled with minced garlic and butter. Knot to be missed!
Pepperoni Rolls
Puffy rolls of dough spiraling around pepperoni. Dip into our house-made pizza sauce for a delectable snack.
The Brewer’s Board
Sharp yellow cheddar, creamy brie, pepperoni, prosciutto, peppadews, apple slices, nuts, and crackers.
The Ploughman's Platter
Aged gouda, herbed cheese spread, summer sausage, prosciutto, olives, grapes, nuts, and crackers.
Caesar Salad

Crisp Romaine lettuce, asiago, croutons, and our house-made creamy Caesar dressing.

$8.00 regular / $13 large
Italian Salad

Chopped greens topped with meats, cheese, and pepperoncini with our house-made Italian vinaigrette on the side.

$8.00 regular / $13 large
Apposito Insalata

A medley of fresh greens with candied walnuts, dried cranberries, and blue cheese crumbles, complemented by a side of our house-made Italian vinaigrette.

$8.00 regular / $13 large

Served on fresh-baked bread that we make daily, with chips and a pickle

Turkey & Brie
A delightful melding of favors! Tender turkey breast, soft brie cheese, topped with an arugula spring mix and tomato--all brought together with Becky's orange cranberry sauce made from a family recipe.
Chicken Bacon Ranch
Soft sliced chicken breast and crisp, crunchy bacon topped with mozzarella, spring mix, tomato and southwest ranch sauce. Simply delightful!
The Club
Smoked turkey, honey glazed ham, cheddar cheese, spring mix, tomato and Italian dressing. Our take on this classic sandwich!
The Wrap
Not in the mood for a sandwich? Our chicken Caesar wrap may be just what you're looking for. Chicken, romaine, asiago cheese wrapped in an herb tortilla.

* Gluten-free crust available on request for $3.

Vodka Pie
Fresh Mozzarella / Mushrooms / Peas / Prosciutto / Vodka Cream Sauce /

“Peas on a pizza,” you ask? Try it—you’ll get it!

Note: Our founder studied with the Original Goodfella’s in Staten Island. Their Pizza ala Vodka won them the “best pizza in the world” back in 1992. If you’re in NYC, by all means pay them a visit—but you don’t have to go to such great lengths for such a great pizza: try our Vodka Pie!

$16.00 regular / $20 large
The Classic Margherita

A truly timeless pizza. The subtle melding of flavors between our house-made sauce and mild mozzarella slices is elegantly accentuated with fresh-cut basil. Atop our New York thin crust - with just the right amount of 'chew' - our classic margherita is pizza perfection!<

$13.00 regular / $17 large
Pizza Delizioso
Fresh Mozzarella / Plum Tomato Sauce / Red Onions / Red Peppers / Reggiano / Sweet Italian Sausage /

The Italian Sausage is what makes this pizza Delizioso—Sweetness!

$13.00 regular / $17 large
One Smokin’ Great Pizza
Brick Oven Roasted Peppers / Red Onions / Reggiano / Roasted Red Pepper Cream Sauce / Smoked Mozzarella / Sweet Italian Sausage /

The roasted Red pepper cream sauce is what puts the “Smokin’” in this great pie!

$16.00 regular / $20 large
Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Chicken / Creamy Buffalo Sauce w/ Cayenne Pepper / Fresh Mozzarella /

You'll be smacking your lips as you devour our take on the traditional chicken wing!

$13.00 regular / $17 large
Pizza Arugula
Arugula / Fresh Mozzarella / Prosciutto / Reggiano / Roasted Garlic / Truffle Oil /

The tart spiciness of the arugula, the rich creaminess of the cheese and a salty punch from the prosciutto. Who knew something so simple could be so subtly grand?

$13.00 regular / $17 large
Chicken Alfredo Pizza
Bacon / Chicken / Creamy Garlic Sauce / Diced Roma Tomatoes / Fresh Mozzarella / Green Onions /

Who needs pasta when you can make an Alfredo pizza?

$16.00 regular / $20 large
Chicken Pesto Pizza
Basil Pesto Sauce / Diced Roma Tomatoes / Fresh Mozzarella / Roasted Chicken Breast /

Where’s your traditional “pizza sauce?” Don’t be chicken, try it, you won’t miss a thing!

$13.00 regular / $17 large
Barbeque Bliss

A mix of shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheeses garnished with pickled onions. Locally produced Smokey Bros Hot Sauce brings it all together--savory and tangy, with a kick!

$13.00 regular / $17 large
New York Style
In-House Shredded Mozzarella / Plum Tomato Sauce / Your Imagination /

Try it plain or with one, two or three toppings.
Toppings:roasted red peppers, onions, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, pineapples, jalapeños, extra mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, chicken, Canadian bacon.

$9.00 regular / $12 large
Each additional topping: $1.50 regular / $2 large
Cinnamon Sticks
Five freshly baked cinnamon sticks served with warmed vanilla icing - perfect for dipping.